Diman Zad Tootaghaj


Hewlett Packard Enterprise Labs


I'm Diman Zad-Tootaghaj, I am a postdoc/researcher at Hewlett Packard Labs in Palo Alto, California. I work on Software-Defined Network solutions in Wide Area Networks (SD-WAN).

I earned my PhD in Computer Science and Engineering at Pennsylvania State University. Prior to Penn State, I got my B.Sc degree in Electrical Engineering at Sharif University of Technology, Iran. During my PhD, I was working in the Institute for Networking and Security Research (INSR) and Network Sciences Research Group (NSRG) under supervision of Prof. Thomas La Porta (advisor), Dr. Ting He (co-advisor), and Dr. Novella Bartolini.

My research area is computer networks, stochastic analysis, operating system, and parallel computing. I graduated from Sharif University of technology, with MSc. in Electrical Engineering.


I am serving as a TPC member for IEEE ICNP 2019, please submit your work!

I am serving as a TPC member for IEEE GLOBECOM 2019, please submit your work!

I am serving as a TPC member for USENIX HotCloud 2019, please submit your work!

I'm on the N2Women board as a Website Co-chair.

Our open source network simulator is GTNS (Game-Theoretic Network Simulator). You could also find the related publications as linked in this website.

Microsoft Research Internship: Working on Uncertain<T> probabilistic programming language for gesture recognition in Windows Mobile applications, Under Supervision of Kathryn S. McKinley and Todd Mytkowicz, summer 2015. [link][paper]

For fun, here is a wordle containing frequent words from my written projects: